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                                                       DECORATIVE CONCRETE FINISHES

                                                   Transform your environment with color, texture, and patterns
                                                        constructed to exemplify your own individual style.

Stamped Concrete is an innovative approach designed to enhance any personal space whether it is indoor or outdoor. The cementicious
color hardener is broadcasted on top of base concrete and floated in. The concrete is then stamped with a pigmented color release agent.
Once complete, this application increases the surface strength of your concrete to between 4000 and 6000 PSI (lbs/sq in). Designs can be
applied to new and old concrete installations.

Stamped Concrete Pool DeckStamped Concrete Indoor Floor

Overlays are a novel approach to change the appearance of plain concrete. Overlays are applied with cementicious color and can be 
finished using any Increte® Systems Technique and color.  Please note that, resurfacing your existing concrete using the overlay process 
will increase your concrete height by 3/16 of an inch.

Pool deck before stamped overlay is installedPool deck after stamped overlay is installed

Acid stained concrete is an innovative approach to enhance the appearance of old and new concrete installation, creating a warm
and inviting feel to any room or outdoor space.  Acid stain produces a marbling effect by reacting to the carbons in the concrete.
Available in 8 different earth tones: Black, Walnut, Terracata, Bronze, Weathered Copper, Lime Green Mission Tan, and Rust Brown.
Colors after application will vary. Please view color chart as the following link: http://www.increte.com/media/170600/BD05_Stain_Crete.pdf

Pool deck during the application of acid stainPool deck with acid stain completed

Stain Sealers are available in all Increte Systems solid colors. You may view the color charts at incretesystems.com.

Exposed Aggregate is an alternative finish to plain concrete. This finish provides texture and colors without the expense of stamped concrete.
River Rock is exposed on the concrete surface is sealed to create a rich stone finish.

Exposed Aggregate DrivewayExposed Aggregate Walk

Tabby Finish is a type of exposed aggregate using shells rather than river rock. This may be finished leaving the exposed shell for good surface traction
or it may be grinned to a smooth surface for barefoot comfort.

Broom Finish is a textured surface created using brooms to sweep pattern in to concrete.